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House Coupon Token

The First Real Estate Coupon Token for Purchasing Properties

ICO Finished


We accept Ethereum Bitcoin

Minimum Purchase 0.5 ETH

ICO Finished Whitepaper



ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain

House Coupon Token Chart


The price for one HCT is US$1.00, however, the buyer can redeem HCT with NAREIG when they purchase house via NAREIG, the redeem price is US$100.00.
For those clients who do not desire to redeem the token, they can trade the NAREIG token to other house buyers at market price.
1 Million HCTs, $0.5/HCT for the First 100 Thousand HCTs, $0.75/HCT for the Left 900 Thousand HCTs.
HCT Flowpath


Why Invest In the NAREIG Token Sale


Hunter has more than 15 years experiences in software development and management, prior to establish NAREIG, he led the software engineering team in Huawei and Vitria China, which focus on telecom software and Business Process Management software. He also is the core team member of Groupon China which take responsible for the merchant management.

Hunter received a computer science master degree from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics; He also has an MBA from University of British Columbia.

Kris has more than 15 years experiences in Chinese oversea immigration industry. He is a senior consultant since 2000 and is a pioneer in immigration program of Canada and USA. He has solid experience to lead and manage the immigration consultant team and know the requirements of Chinese high-net-worth investors. Kris established 2 immigration companies in Beijing before he joined NAREIG as the co-founder.

Scott has more than 15 years real estate experiences in King County, Washington state. Since he got licensed in 2003, he have helped various clients which include residential buy/sell of high end homes and estates, commercial buildings and multifamily properties. Scott have solid experience with commercial leasing, property management, selling/buying houseboats, vacant land, business opportunities.

Alexis Fernandez brings a broad spectrum of real estate experience and management with his 17 plus years to the table in real estate and in business. His ability to empower his agents and managers with knowledge and experience is the key to help them succeed in their transactions. Having invested in properties himself and secured commercial space for his own businesses, Alexis capitalizes on his seasoned experience and education on the market as a hardworking dedicated RE professional.


NAREIG (North America Real Estate Investment Group) was established in Seattle in 2012 with the initial vision of providing an online to offline platform to help international real estate buyers to invest in North America. For the past 5 years, NAREIG has already grown into one of the leading brands that helps Chinese high-net-worth buyers to invest abroad.

NAREIG is the first real estate firm to offer real estate coupon token on the Ethereum blockchain. Established in 2012, NAREIG, an international real estate firm which helps hundreds of overseas buyers to invest in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand. With solid experiences in both residential as well as commercial real estate industries, NAREIG is planning to tokenize real estate coupon to benefit both international and domestic buyers.

The NAREIG tokens are “the coupons for purchasing properties”. Each token purchased with $1 cash value can be redeemed as $100 token value while the client purchases his/her property with NAREIG. Since NAREIG already operates in 12 countries, this enables the token buyer to redeem the token value in these areas immediately. Therefore, it stabilizes the value of the token and provide liquidity through tokenization.

NAREIG tokenization approach to real estate coupon sets an anchor value to the token. Many other tokens already proved to be unreliable and prone to volatility. The purpose of NAREIG token is to provide a stable token that can benefit the buyers at any time.

NAREIG is a US company which has offices in Seattle, San Francisco bay area and Manhattan. Although NAREIG has its partnership company in China, this token offer is solely through NAREIG US Company (North America Real Estate Investment Group).

HCT Project – Q&A

The ICO launches on January 28, 2018 at 0:00 PST and ends on 18 March 2018 at 0:00 PST.
You can find more details in our whitepaper and http://www.nareigus.com/
50% Investor, 15% Partners and Advisors and 35% NAREIG Reserve.
Pre-sale phase (1/16/2018 - 1/25/2018) : US$0.5 for the first 100,000 tokens and US$0.75 for the left 900,000 tokens;
ICO phase (1/16/2018-1/25/2018) :
1/28/2018- 2/7/2018 US$0.9/token
2/8/2018 – 2/17/2018 US$0.925/token
2/18/2018-2/27/2018 US$0.95/token
2/28/2018-3/7/2018 US$0.975/token
3/8/2018-3/18/2018 US$1.00/token
*All dates listed above refers to PST time zone.
The only HCT in circulation will be the ones issued during the token creation phase. No tokens will be issued after our ICO.
During the ICO, a maximum of 9,000,000 tokens is available.
After the ICO, the HCT will be listed on public cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides trading atwill, each HCT holder will be able to redeem each HCT token to US$100 cash value if they purchase real estate properties with NAREIG (limitation and restriction applied). Please see the details in the whitepaper.
(Sales price of the property * % NAREIG commission * 25% HCT Redemption cap) / 100 = maximum number of tokens can be redeemed
Tom plans to buy a US$2M house via NAREIG. Assuming NAREIG gets 3% commission from that transaction, it will generate US$60k commission for NAREIG. If Tom already bought 150 HCT, he can redeem the 150 HCT for $15,000 cash value. It means Tom saved $14,850 for this transaction.
(Property price $2M * 3% commission receives by NAREIG * 25% HCT Redemption cap) / 100 = 150 HCT
There are 4 restrictions:
  1. HCT can only be redeemed through NAREIG
  2. HCT can only be redeemed in the condition of the buyer purchases residential/commercial properties through NAREIG.
  3. For each transaction, the total redeemed dollar value cannot exceed 25% of the total commission NAREIG earned.
  4. The HCT to be redeemed for cash value of the target purchasing property must be acquired prior to the property tour.
HCT will be sent to the ETH wallet used for the purchase, or keep with our platform until further notification.
No, we only accept ETH payment at pre-sale and ICO phase. We also accept bitcoin payment if the total of your investment is great than US$100,000.
We are negotiation with several mainstream exchange platforms right now and targeting to issue HCT on one of crypocurrency plantform in Q2, 2018.
Yes, we will refund all your contributrion back to your wallet.
Yes, we will. It is still in the development phase.



Helen Gu
+1 425 628 0186

HCT Token Contract Address: 0x0f4546bb7fdb5929eee6736ed5794d3e6f5a9fa1.

  1. Announcement: We are in the process to replace all HCT Token with RECT in June. The total quantitity of RECT will be exact the same as HCT, 1 RECT = 1 HCT. RECT Token Contract Address: 0x9216707c81438d9593c4e215bcbb0e7bb10d07f5